silhouette sunday: turn your hand drawn designs into cuttable files using silhouette studio

Ever wanted to turn your hand drawn doodles into cuttable art? It's easy!

To start my designs, I like to use plain white paper and black ink. Using pencils to sketch an idea is fine, but be sure to trace over it in black ink when you're done. The method I use works best with clear black artwork on a plain white background.

silhouette sunday: DIY wall clock

If you're old school like me and still like to glance at a clock every so often (instead of a smart phone or Fitbit), did you know you could make something totally custom with a clock kit and your vinyl cutting machine?!

First you'll want to measure the center of whatever medium you choose. I picked up this square 'blank' from a craft store, but use your imagination! Cute plates, vinyl records, and CDs would make great clocks, I think! Mark the center of your item if there's not already a hole in the middle and use a drill to make a hole large enough for the "post" of the clock piece.

silhouette sunday: using your heat press to foil on PAPER?!

I’m all about multipurpose. The less things I have in my house that can only do one task, the better. Which is why, when I got a heat press, I ended up going with a many-in-one stand that had different attachments.

However, even if you have a simple clamshell heat press you’ll be able to do today’s tutorial!

Expressions Vinyl is not only great for, well, vinyl… but did you know they sell amazing DecoFoil as well? This heat-reactive foil is great when used with Siser Easyweed Adhesive (I’ve made plenty of foil shirts at this point) but it’s also amazing when paired with plain prints straight from your printer!

silhouette sunday: using tattoo paper to make artisan wood signs

If you're past your teens, I bet you never imagined using temporary tattoos again. Gone are the days where you could find them in vending machines but you know what you can do? Use your cutting machine to make them!

Now, Silhouette Temporary Tattoo paper is slightly more costly than I remember these embellishments costing... however, you can use them for so much more! Including what I'm showing you today: putting printed images onto wood signs.

tips for blogging when you're working full time

Ever feel like everyone around you "has a blog" and wonder where they find the time to maintain it? I've been there. Twinklefarts has been around for almost half a decade now (YIKES!) and I still find myself going back and forth between "I can DO this" and "where do I find the time?!"

Trying to keep up with a blog and a full time job is definitely hard (I won't lie to you), but with a little bit of planning your blog can be consistent and plentiful!