Silhouette Sunday: DIY Heidi Swapp Lightbox Inserts

If you've spent more than ten minutes in the craft world over the past year, chances are you've seen one of Heidi Swapp's adorable light boxes (or some variation of it). But... did you know you could use your cutting machine to make custom inserts for it? It's so easy!

First, because I have two (the mini and the full-size) lightboxes, I took out an existing insert I had and measured it. This is the size that I'll cut my transparency sheet to. Remember transparencies?! Overhead projectors were so much fun years ago-- now you have a use for those sheets you stashed! Don't worry if you didn't save any, I got a pack of 6 on Amazon for around $5.

silhouette sunday: using vinyl scraps to make nail decals

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post about nail art! But today I'm rekindling an old flame and bringing it to life with something almost every craft vinyl user has laying around-- scraps.

the DIY guide to home improvement store hacks: ways to save money on upgrades, crafts, and more!

Home Depot used to be the bane of my preteen existence. Going to the obnoxious orange store with my dad on the weekend usually meant being dragged around every aisle while being promised a hotdog and tiny bag of Lay's afterwards.

I seldom got the snack, but I did (somehow) develop a deep adoration for the ever-present sawdust and concrete floors of that place. Now, at 24, I don't mind frequent trips to home improvement stores and hey, neither should you! So I put together a small list of ways I pinch pennies at these money-sucking black holes. Good luck 😉

jetpens haul and review - handlettering and bullet journal supplies

I have been a shameless pen collector all my life. I have boxes upon boxes of pens that probably don't even work anymore, yet I can't shame myself into throwing them away. Such is life for a stationery aficionado.

A small portion of my pen collection... Trust me, there is plenty more. This is just what's readily accessible at my desk.

That being said, became a blip in my radar recently and I wanted to give them a shot. Usually I do all my pen shopping in-person (hell-ooooo, who can resist doodling on those test paper pads in Staples? Not I!), but for free shipping over $25 (it is easy peasy to do that, trust me) I thought JetPen might be a great option to try things less readily accessible.

These opinions are all my own, I bought these with my own money, yada yada yada. I've also ranked them from "MOST FAVORITE EVER!!!!" to "meh, alright" for your browsing pleasure. Enjoy!

Silhouette Sunday: Print and Cut Planner Stickers WITHOUT registration mark margins!

This is the story of what started as a "can I pull off this out-there idea?" and turned into a thousand-likes Facebook post to one of the Silhouette groups I'm part of...

I made these awesome stickers just messing around with my Silhouette Pixscan mat and some of Gemma Correll's artwork (you can find her stuff here-- she also sells *actual* stickers) and posted the idea to a Silhouette Facebook group-- then immediately got tons of requests for a tutorial. So, being the "tech teacher" I am, I wanted everyone to get in on this amazingness and made a video!

I'm admittedly more of a video-savvy explainer anyway, so if you want to watch this process, start-to-finish, watch the little YouTube embed below:

If you're looking for a download of the Emoji sticker sheet I'm using in the video, follow this link to the Dropbox zip file. It contains not only the sticker sheet image, but also the "blackout" cut image you can trace in Silhouette Studio to get easy cut lines.

Have fun and keep crafting!