silhouette sunday: using tattoo paper to make artisan wood signs

If you're past your teens, I bet you never imagined using temporary tattoos again. Gone are the days where you could find them in vending machines but you know what you can do? Use your cutting machine to make them!

Now, Silhouette Temporary Tattoo paper is slightly more costly than I remember these embellishments costing... however, you can use them for so much more! Including what I'm showing you today: putting printed images onto wood signs.

For this tutorial, I grabbed a reclaimed wood plank. You can sand and apply whatever kind of stain you want for this project.

Note: If you're planning on applying any vinyl over your image, it might be best to skip the stain. I stained (not thinking it would affect the adhesion of the tattoo paper) and had to be very careful when pulling my transfer tape up with this project. Just proceed with caution!

For the tattoo part, you'll want to mirror your image before printing. Then, according to the directions I printed the image on the slightly shiny side and peeled the plastic film away from the green backing paper. The sticky side goes onto the ink side of the paper.

Once this is done, you can either cut around the shapes with your cutting machine or opt to use scissors. It really just depends on your design and how you're going to finish your wood later on.

Apply the tattoo to the wood like you would on human skin. Be sure to apply enough pressure! This is what really helps the image stick to your wood.

When you can slide the top paper off the tattoo, the image is ready! You can use this for family photos, some clipart, or decorative stock photos. I chose some flowers to go with my quote that I was putting over it.

When you're done, you'll want to seal the tattoo with at least a layer of Mod Podge or something close to it. Then, you can choose to leave it the way it is or add some extra touches to make it really stand out.

On my sign, I used my new font Rosegarden to give this sign a handwritten look without having to hand write it. You can find this font (and 3 others!) in my new font bundle.

I hope you liked this tutorial and that it inspired you to get crafty with wood transfers!

tips for blogging when you're working full time

Ever feel like everyone around you "has a blog" and wonder where they find the time to maintain it? I've been there. Twinklefarts has been around for almost half a decade now (YIKES!) and I still find myself going back and forth between "I can DO this" and "where do I find the time?!"

Trying to keep up with a blog and a full time job is definitely hard (I won't lie to you), but with a little bit of planning your blog can be consistent and plentiful!

saving lives with a 9-5: how to get started with fostering

Recently, I've found myself wanting to do more to help the overpopulation of animal shelters. During the summer, kitten season is in full swing... especially in warm climates like Florida.

A few months ago, I signed my fiancé and I up for foster orientation at a local shelter. Not thinking we'd get into it for a while, we just wanted to have the option available should a viable kitten candidate pop up.

We're both huge animal lovers. We send cute pet videos back and forth to each other constantly. It came as no surprise when the first few foster requests came rolling in... within a month we had picked up our new temporary residents.

The video below is just a quick overview of why it's important and a real-world example of how you can foster while still maintaining your sanity and a 9-5 job. Plus plenty of kitten clips, because really, that's what most people are here for. We both work, but we both make small sacrifices to give these precious critters a chance at life.

If you think you'd be interested in fostering, I urge you to contact your local animal shelter, humane society, or cat/dog rescue. Many are in constant and desperate need of foster parents!

To get you through your first foster, I highly suggest the Kitten Lady's resources. I'm not sure what I would've done without her.

Fostering saves lives. Thanks for considering it.

Silhouette Sunday: DIY Heidi Swapp Lightbox Inserts

If you've spent more than ten minutes in the craft world over the past year, chances are you've seen one of Heidi Swapp's adorable light boxes (or some variation of it). But... did you know you could use your cutting machine to make custom inserts for it? It's so easy!

First, because I have two (the mini and the full-size) lightboxes, I took out an existing insert I had and measured it. This is the size that I'll cut my transparency sheet to. Remember transparencies?! Overhead projectors were so much fun years ago-- now you have a use for those sheets you stashed! Don't worry if you didn't save any, I got a pack of 6 on Amazon for around $5.

silhouette sunday: using vinyl scraps to make nail decals

It's been a while since I wrote a blog post about nail art! But today I'm rekindling an old flame and bringing it to life with something almost every craft vinyl user has laying around-- scraps.