local love: an afternoon in winter park

Ben and I decided to wander around Winter Park today. It's a place we frequent on weekends when the weather is nice and we can go on a leisurely stroll. There's plenty of places to grab a bite and the scenery is gorgeous, especially this time of year.

We started out at Foxtail Coffee Co., which is right next to Create Your Nature. A perfect spot to get both your caffeine fix and start the day off healthy. Not to mention they have a nice outdoor seating space where often you'll find an adorably lazy pup or two (or three, or four...). Hi Lola!!

We shared a Pink Dragon (without the coconut because I'm allergic). The vibrant pink of the smoothie bowl + creamy green of my matcha drink gave a nice splash of color to the otherwise very overcast day.

After that, we wandered over to Park Avenue, a beautiful spot to walk around with plenty of greenery. I brought my camera today so that I could show Ben how to do back button focusing. It took him a little while to get a hang of it but by the end of the day he was a natural! I'm excited to show him more about photography.

We took turns snapping pictures of each other

And some pretty florals (Park Ave. has a gorgeous rose garden!)

I couldn't help but to take some shots of my ring in the flowers. The colors were dreamy and my new macro lens made the details perfectly crisp 👌

We took the Hobby Lobby challenge and put our own twist on it-- playing in Home Depot's garden department after picking up a tool on the way home. I think it was pretty successful! We almost look like we're in a lush garden and not 20 feet from a cash register.

Overall, a wonderful day. I spent some much needed time with my first favorite creative outlet... photography!

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