silhouette sunday: DIY wall clock

If you're old school like me and still like to glance at a clock every so often (instead of a smart phone or Fitbit), did you know you could make something totally custom with a clock kit and your vinyl cutting machine?!

First you'll want to measure the center of whatever medium you choose. I picked up this square 'blank' from a craft store, but use your imagination! Cute plates, vinyl records, and CDs would make great clocks, I think! Mark the center of your item if there's not already a hole in the middle and use a drill to make a hole large enough for the "post" of the clock piece.

Sand the hole smooth and check to make sure your clock kit fits. After this, decorate the clock face however you want! I used some paint to transform the plain wood into something fun and colorful. 

Afterwards, I thought I would use some adhesive vinyl to create a stencil, but ended up liking how just a vinyl decal looked on my clock face instead. Your creativity is what really makes this project shine! I liked being able to use some vinyl to cut numbers because then I knew my clock face would be uniform.

I also used some permanent adhesive vinyl to create a design in the center. I could have kept the vinyl on there, but opted to try some stenciling instead. I applied a flower to the center and painted in the petals with some white craft paint. The key to getting a good stencil is dabbing motions with a stiff brush.

You'll want to be careful while lifting the stencil off after applying the paint-- one wrong move and you'll have smudged paint! Overall, I was really happy with how this project came out... and how easy it was to make using just a little bit of vinyl!


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