ColourPop experience: haul swatches, first impressions and review

I recently bought a few things from a new[er] company called ColourPop.

Initially, I was super excited to try out the shades I had chosen... but as I unpackaged my goods I found that every rose has its thorns. Here are some swatches to get you through the pros and cons ahead.


  • Super affordable (only $5 per item, free shipping over $30 and you can sign up for their mailing list and receive a coupon code right away)
  • Eyeshadows are bouncy and dense. These colors mean business! They swatch beautifully and pack quite a punch, as far as pigmentation goes
  • Lipsticks feel comfortable on the lips and were also beautifully pigmented. Not much effort needed for an opaque amount of coverage


  • They forgot one of my products :( I understand this happens, but it's still disappointing! I'm drafting an email to send off to their customer service. I'll update on what happens with that.
  • The packaging on the lipsticks feel quite cheap. Very reminiscent of e.l.f. packaging.
  • My lipstick boxes were left open in the mailing package, and one eyeshadow was even loose! Shipping was free, and certainly felt like it. I have a broken shadow now, I assume because of this discrepancy. 
  • Placement of the shade names is inconsistent. 3/4 of the eyeshadows did not have names on their boxes. 1/4 did not have the finish type (metallic, shimmer, etc.) on the packaging. The lipsticks had their shade names in all different places of the outer box

Frida Lippie Stix

Leather Lippie Stix

Bull Chic Lippie Stix

In summary, consistency is key. The packaging con really irritated me, as I'm one for organization and not having the name in the same place is irksome at the very least. Despite this, the products themselves were incredibly consistent quality, with each shade impressing me just as much as the next. There were no duds in this order (thank goodness!) and I'm overall content with my purchase.

Would I purchase again? Maybe in a little while, after they've had a chance to perfect their systematic operations (I'd have preferred an untampered, accurate order before a handwritten note from whoever does that at ColourPop). 

So, what are your thoughts? Have you bought from ColourPop? What are your favorite shades?!

Let me know below, and until next time...

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