"So You Want to Try Nail Stamping..." series (Tools of the trade, how to tutorial and walkthrough, Born Pretty review)

Recently I was approached by Born Pretty Store (I have reviewed them in the past, and in summary: they're a pretty great company out of Singapore that sells really affordable beauty products, despite the long shipping times to the US) to review some nail stamping plates they released quite recently.

If you follow me on instagram (or know me in person) nail stamping is "mah jam." I'm constantly stamping designs over manicures because I find that it's a perfect way to jazz up a color without designing something new over it completely. A little pattern, a little color and whoop...there it is.

So when I was approached, I thought "why not make a comprehensive series on nail stamping, so that other people can do it without being discouraged by trial and error?!" and that's exactly what I did.

The first part of the series is about what you'll need to start nail stamping. In this video, I talk about what I use to stamp and offer some tips and tricks on finding these things.

In the second part I actually show you how I do a stamped manicure, and discuss things I wish I would've known before getting discouraged when I first started stamping.

Also in the second video, you'll find a review of the Born Pretty stamping plates I recieved. I will do a detailed blog post review of these in the future, after using all the plates and testing for quality, but for now it's safe to say they've really outdone themselves with this set! The plate I used was etched perfectly and transferred to my nail without any problems.

So, for now... brush up (ha! pun definitely intended) on your stamping skills while you eagerly await my verdict on the rest of these plates.

Til next time,

DISCLAIMER: Items marked with an * were provided for review purposes. Despite this, I provide honest opinions and thoughts on products no matter the compensation.

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