when life hands you lemons...

You know that famous phrase "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade?" Well... let me recap my past few days for you.

  • Dan and I decided to go to North Carolina
  • Someone broke into the lock box at my parents cabin so my father hid the key
  • Past Atlanta (the last 4 hours of the 9 hour drive) the weather was terrible
  • We got raw meat to grill for dinner (more on this later)
  • The last hour of the drive I could hardly see a foot in front of my car it was raining so hard
  • I almost hit a dog (heart attack #1)
  • Upon arriving, the key was nowhere to be found
    • We looked everywhere where it was supposed to be
    • In the pouring rain
    • Keep in mind it was about 30°F and completely dark, aside from our flashlight and my car's high beams
  • The cabin is 30 minutes away from any kind of cell phone service area
  • And also down a dirt road, which was flooded (and terrifying to drive through)(heart attack #2)
  • Don't forget the steep upward sloped roads!
  • Seeing as it was midnight, we decided to trek back to town and get a hotel for the night
  • Casually driving along, I accidentally took a wrong turn (heart attack #3)
    • Up a steep road
    • Which was about as narrow as my car
    • With ditches dug out on both side
  • Luckily! The GPS worked and got us to the kind-of-main road
  • But I was still shaking all over, being wet and frozen and all
  • Keep in mind, we had to have the air on because
    • a) the windows would get too foggy otherwise
    • b) I have no heat in my car
  • I almost ran over a guy just hangin out on the side of the road in a flesh colored jacket (heart attack #4)
  • But we finally got to a hotel
  • And had to throw out half the food we bought 5 hours earlier
  • And slept peacefully for a solid 9 hours

Then we woke up the next morning, checked out, and drove home.
Stopping only for pictures at the state line to commemorate our traditionally chaotic vacation.

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