home sweet home (kind of)

It's officially been more than a week since I've sat at this computer and blogged anything. A lot has happened in the past 7 days, and while I don't have the time (or heart) to blog all about it, here's a quick photo roundup of my week. Hope you guys enjoy.

MCO shuttle ride | Our Taco Bell order the night I arrived

Finding my pictures unexpectedly printed & displayed [!!!!]  |  Chocolate covered strawberries & pretzels I made

Puppy lovin' from the crazy child | ET dogs snuggled into their blankets

Iced tea @ DD/BR | My cousin's awesome cookies 

All my thrift store finds (6 clothing items, a candle holder & picture frame all for $45!)


First ever MAC purchase | The things you find at the mall...

Poker night (where I was too sleepy to play, so I was "banker" --aka I stared at the money)

Coupon queen even on vacation :-) | A glimpse at the chaos that was the South Street Seaport food truck fair!!!!

BODIES: The Exhibition was really interesting. If you're ever near one: GO. 

And to think that I saw it on Mulberry St. (Dr. Suess fans?) | They almost spelled it right...

I took a banana off the hanger and then all the others just peeled themselves for me | Puppy whisperer~

I tried an inside out french braid (and actually got it right the first time!)

Flip Men | Pretty sunsets and outdoor summer dinners

Funeral cookies :(

More puppy lovin' | Great drink, but did nothing for my happiness level

The last supper | Frozen honey vanilla greek yogurt is awesome.

The puppy that started it all (and the calmest of the three... thank god)

Last day apparel 

Bringing home $40 worth of cookies for my mother | The cases upon cases of goodies ♥__♥

And now for some plane photos:

(Click to make them bigger)

(Especially the cloud ones)

(The one of my dinner isn't as important, but the detail on the cloud ones? Phenomenal.)

I hope everyone is having a lovely week thus far (hopefully better than mine) and that you rested well last night. I'm up at 1am typing this after tossing and turning in bed for 3 hours and finally giving up. Tell the people that you love how much you care about them. Not being able to sucks a whole lot.

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