healthy hair for a good cause

Chopping off my long (blonde!) hair and donating it is surprisingly one of the greatest memories I have from my childhood. I've done it a few times, each time my mom cheering me on from behind the salon chair. "Some little girl will be very happy to have hair again, Gina."

Growing up sometimes gets too real. Recently, one of my neighbors was diagnosed with cancer again, after fighting her way through breast cancer already. The doctors mentioned that, through preventative measures, she will most likely lose her shoulder length, gorgeous, thick black hair.

My heart ached for her. I don't know what I would do without my hair. Sadly enough, I knew she wasn't the only one by any stretch of the imagination! So many people are robbed of such a simple thing on a daily basis!

SO, in effort to get others interested in donating their hair to a great cause, I've decided to share my little sister's experience. She recently donated her hair (8+ inches!) to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program.

My mom was too nervous to donate to Locks for Love (they've been known to reject hair that isn't good enough, such as chemically processed-- but still healthy!-- hair and hair that's a mere strand away from 12 inches) so she looked into other opportunities. That's how we found out about Pantene's great program.

After my little sister donated her hair, my mom wrote on Pantene's facebook wall about how wonderful of a program she thought it was. Not to long afterward, they contacted her asking for an address that they could mail my sister a thank-you gift!

That gift? It was a hand-written note thanking her for her donation and a super cute headband by Sweaty Bands! She was all smiles, and for a great reason too! I hope you consider donating your hair if you haven't already and thank you if you've done so. And remember: it'll grow back ;)


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