custom cutesy phone case adventure!

If you have an iPhone, this article is probably not that revolutionary for you. With the overabundance of iPhone cases at retailers both in the flesh and online, you're likely to find a cheaper and less time-consuming alternative.

However, if you're like me and favor Android devices, you're in luck! Gone are the days where you scroll through eBay and pine after decorative iPhone cases and WISH you had a decent looking device cover.

It didn't take much work at first. I just found a design that I liked online, printed it out (after measuring my phone then resizing it in Photoshop, which took less than 5 minutes and saved a lot of time guess and checking for the accurate size) and taped it to the back of my phone.

For this method you need to paint/draw/etc INSIDE the phone, otherwise the design will be more likely to rub off over time. 

After I taped the design down, I dug into my Sharpie collection (I seriously have at least 100 of various sizes in a bag. I'm a little obsessed) and got to work. 

It took about 20 minutes to finish tracing the design. 

After I finished tracing the design, I got a little impatient and tried painting right away. DO NOT DO THIS. In retrospect, I probably should have waited overnight at least. I also used nail polish. Acrylic paint probably would've worked better. I then tried to "seal it" with hair spray (kind of like you seal charcoal... I don't know, I was trying to salvage my pretty design and hard work okay) but that just made the design runny.

So I wiped it all off with rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover...

And started on my second design.

"I'll do polka dots," I thought. "It'll be super easy and fast" (It was about 10pm now and I woke up nice and early at 6:30am today for work).

Boy, was I wrong. I couldn't find anything to do the dots with (except freehand) that would make the paint uniform and not lopsided. 

So with notebook paper taped to the back of my phone (that I was going to use to keep my dots in a straight line), I didn't give up and finally went with the simplest design: stripes.

It's not the fanciest thing in the world, but for under $2 (shipping included) from eBay, you can bet your butt I'll be buying more clear cases and decking them out in the future.

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