vomit smoothie?!

I've been having an awesome time in my new apartment cooking and concocting, to say the least. The brainchild of this afternoon's procrastination (ahem... that is, me trying to avoid my homework) is this delicious, healthy, AWESOME "vomit" smoothie.

It totally lives up to it's name too. It literally looks like someone upchucked into my mug. But fret not, this actually tastes like heaven on earth. It's fruity and delicious and (don't tell anyone!) actually has some veggies in it too.

Here's what I used:

Apple sauce (peach apple flavored), half of a Gala apple, a splash of no sugar added 100% cranberry grape juice, a large handful of spinach leaves (frozen), a splash of mango nectar (Petit brand), a chopped up nectarine, some ice cubes and a tablespoon or two of my Match powder!

When you blend it all together, it turns a weird vomit-y color but don't let that scare you off. It's like a fruit fiesta in your mouth. I bet this would taste awesome with some honey and maybe half a frozen banana for extra thickness.

What's your weirdest looking (but best tasting!) creation? Mine are definitely smoothies. Gimme some feedback in the comment section :)

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