quick update!

Hi everyone! I haven't been posting much lately on account of a few things. Mostly moving into a new place, a few pre-existing health issues flaring up and most importantly-- school!

 However, school is almost done for the summer and soon thereafter I will be traveling to one of my favorite states: New York.

I will definitely make a post about New York once I return. I also have some posts planned for the near future including:
  • DIY Home decor (fun things I've found on Pinterest and made myself with a few helpful hints)
  • A post about my new bedroom and how I decorated and furnished it on a college budget
  • The perfect phone (inspired by my own recent phone troubles...)
  • New York photoblog post

If you have any suggestions, please let me know! For now, enjoy this sneak preview (above) and video that I recorded a few days ago (below)


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