goodreads wednesday

Despite always telling myself how much I'm going to read during the summer, it never happens. I thought getting a nook for Christmas would jump start my leisure reading, but it honestly hasn't done much. I pledged on that I would read15 books this year (spoiler alert: I've only read 5 and according to goodreads I'm a whopping "3 books (21%) behind").

I just finished up this book, though! So that counts for something. I just never know what to read after I finish a book, which I think is one of my biggest problems. I build up this momentum for a plot and then BAM. The story ends and I just stare at my nook screensaver, not knowing where to go next.

So... any suggestions? ;)

PS: If you'd like to add me on goodreads, my linkaroo is right here~

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