tips for blogging when you're working full time

Ever feel like everyone around you "has a blog" and wonder where they find the time to maintain it? I've been there. Twinklefarts has been around for almost half a decade now (YIKES!) and I still find myself going back and forth between "I can DO this" and "where do I find the time?!"

Trying to keep up with a blog and a full time job is definitely hard (I won't lie to you), but with a little bit of planning your blog can be consistent and plentiful!

DO Schedule as much as possible

Scheduling is key for keeping consistent with a blog when you're a busy bee. Many social media networks are making it easy to schedule out content now, and those that aren't have alternatives available that can get you to almost 100% automation. Schedule out posts that are not time-sensitive to your audience (for example, don't schedule a current event post).

DO Use "breaks" to create content

On lunch? Bring a laptop (or use your phone in a pinch) and jot down ideas for upcoming posts or sit down and write it out in between bites of your meal. Lunchtime is also a great moment to brainstorm ideas for the future, so take a few minutes to think about things you've seen that day and how you could incorporate them into your blog.

DON'T ignore social media

Social media is undoubtedly a huge part of online businesses and blogs. Followers are constantly looking for up to date information and content. If you ignore social media and only use your blogging platform, you're only hurting yourself!

Post a quick teaser photo to Instagram for an upcoming blog post to generate buzz. Ask your audience to chime in on Facebook with a text post! It doesn't take much time at all to create social media presence. People enjoy relating to bloggers as people, and likable people are more successful bloggers because of this.

DON'T rely on your own content all the time

Repost content similar to your blog! If you see a fellow blogger posting something that leaves you thinking "I wish I would've thought of that," then there is no shame in reposting their content for your followers. The best part? It only takes a couple seconds!

Absolutely DO NOT repost things without permission or credit, but feel free to "Share" their post on Facebook or use a repost app for Instagram to give credit where it's due all while keeping in the loop with your followers. Sometimes you'll even get friendly with the original poster and nothing is better than a community that helps each other out.

DO use technology to your advantage

Phones and tablets are becoming more and more powerful in terms of apps available for blogging. Use this to your advantage when you're on the go! A 20 minute train ride to work can turn into 20 minutes of prepping blog photos for the week if you use the right tools. Sitting on the couch doing "nothing" can become doodling freebie files for your blog! (Guilty.) My favorites are Snapseed, Pixlr,  Procreate, and VSCO.

Know someone whose blog or small business could use a little TLC? Send this post their way and pat yourself on the back for helping them out!


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