saving lives with a 9-5: how to get started with fostering

Recently, I've found myself wanting to do more to help the overpopulation of animal shelters. During the summer, kitten season is in full swing... especially in warm climates like Florida.

A few months ago, I signed my fiancé and I up for foster orientation at a local shelter. Not thinking we'd get into it for a while, we just wanted to have the option available should a viable kitten candidate pop up.

We're both huge animal lovers. We send cute pet videos back and forth to each other constantly. It came as no surprise when the first few foster requests came rolling in... within a month we had picked up our new temporary residents.

The video below is just a quick overview of why it's important and a real-world example of how you can foster while still maintaining your sanity and a 9-5 job. Plus plenty of kitten clips, because really, that's what most people are here for. We both work, but we both make small sacrifices to give these precious critters a chance at life.

If you think you'd be interested in fostering, I urge you to contact your local animal shelter, humane society, or cat/dog rescue. Many are in constant and desperate need of foster parents!

To get you through your first foster, I highly suggest the Kitten Lady's resources. I'm not sure what I would've done without her.

Fostering saves lives. Thanks for considering it.


  1. Just saw your blog, the blog name is Funny lol, but it's the best place for reviews, advice and thoughts on many different topics, Good job!