nadeau "furniture with a soul" orlando store review

I was recently in the sister neighborhood of Altamonte a little while ago and stumbled upon this store after discovering one was about to open in Tampa, close to where my best friend lives.

Being the dutiful best friend that I am, I decided to check it out.

I walked into what used to be a Pet Store and was amazed at the transformation. Floor to ceiling in almost every direction was beautifully painted furniture.

The store had a fair few furniture designs with multiples around the stores in slightly differing variations. As someone who looks for one-of-a-kind pieces, I was a little put off by this, but I can remember plenty of times where I found the perfect piece but wanted something but slightly different. This would be a great place to discover that!

The prices were... okay. I've gotten many great deals at Adjectives and Adjectives Unhinged (literally a few storefronts down the road) so I was hesitant about their pricing. I think they will definitely be impacted by the wide range of pricing available at Adjectives since their target markets are so similar.

This adorable basket of kittens lamp was modestly priced at $59
This storefront offered them tons of space and they wasted none of it! Some tables were stacked 3-4 high, which seemed a little dangerous for small shoppers. The floor was easy to navigate and I didn't come across many culdesacs or dead ends like I do in similar stores. I loved the flow of the shopping area.

I was greeted by two friendly clerk immediately and encouraged to browse without being pestered (a gesture I love), and browse I did. When I made my way around the shop and back up to the front, one clerk asked if there was anything in particular I was looking for, or if I saw something that wasn't quite what I needed. We chatted a bit, and when I asked if they had a tape measurer to check dimensions, they handed me a small branded one and said to keep it! I am always on the look out for small gestures like this, and thoroughly appreciate the new portable measuring tape.

While I can definitely see the appeal in Nadeau, and I loved the experience I had there, I'm just not quite comfortable with their price tag (as a person who enjoys DIY'ing enough that a terrible paint job doesn't scare me). I would, however, highly suggest it to someone looking for a handmade alternative to Rooms To Go!

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