an ode to brunch: se7en bites of orlando

Brunch. It means not having to wake up early to dig into delicious foods like florentine benedict and bacon waffles... Are you drooling yet?

One of my favorite things about Orlando is that there is no shortage of amazing and unique foods. At the top of my personal list? Se7en Bites.

Side of grits, ham and cheese "Not Pocket" (weekend special June 2016) and a cucumber lime aqua fresca.

Named after the recovery technique of a gastric bypass surgery (eating 7 bites for a meal), this spot is the quirky-cute definition of savory and sweet. Nestled in the Milk District, it might be hard to find-- if it wasn't painted lime green.

Our usual.
Top: Nutella Turbo, Seven Benedict. // Bottom: Lavender Lemonade Aqua Fresca, 7th Trimester.

I've been wondering for a while when Se7en Bites would expand into a new spot and the day is coming! Today I stopped by the old shop one last time before it closes up for a 2 week hiatus in preparation for the new space about 4 blocks down the road.

Will the iconic "Pie Hole" mural go with Se7en Bites to its new location? We'll have to wait and see!

There is a permanent menu, featuring a classic eggs benedict and a chicken salad sandwich, and a weekend menu with rotating specials. I would be lying if I said I couldn't choose a favorite dish (listed below if you need some guidance) but really, you should try them all. Eventually. Not all in one sitting, you daredevil.

Drink Favorites:  

  • The Nutella Turbo is a perfect hazelnutty blend of iced coffee goodness. Drinks are served in cups you can take to-go, so if you need something sweet to carry you through the day-- this is it.
  • The aqua frescas change frequently, but my all-time favorite is the electric purple lavender lemonade. So tart and refreshing!

Entree favorites:

  • 7th Trimester. Hands down. If you only have one chance to visit Se7en Bites, get this. Over medium egg with runny goodness, biscuits formed to perfection, and a nice crunchy sprinkling of classic potato chips on top.
  • For someone who never really thought about grits, I dream about the ones served here constantly. They are buttery and decadent and a perfect side to your already waist-busting meal.
  • Any kind of "Not Pocket" I've tried lately has been to die for. These started showing up on the menu earlier this year, and being the puff pastry addict I am... I had to try it. The flaky warmth andvarious fillings have not disappointed me yet.

Lavender lemonade aqua fresca,  Philly steak benedict (weekend special, April 2016) and a side of grits.

No matter what you try at Se7en Bites, it's guaranteed to be delightful... even if you only can take seven bites before declaring yourself stuffed.

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