Sephora Favorites Travel Perfume Sampler - Experiment and Review

I love samples. One could confirm this by the 2 and a half Helmer drawers I have full of sample packets, vials, and tubes. So when I heard about the Sephora Favorites deal, I naturally couldn't pass it up.

I was thiiiis close to buying a Daisy rollerball on the Sephora website when it caught my eye. There it was, in its sample-size glory... calling to me from its variety-touting thumbnail. I just had to know what it was about.

From the description, I just became even more excited. 7 samples of higher-end perfumes, you say? And it includes a voucher for a rollerball when you decide your favorite?! Perfect! It included the Marc Jacobs Daisy that I had originally been committed to, so I figured I might as well try more scents "just because."

So, I went to work. I started a page in my new bullet journal (more on that later, maybe? would that be of interest to you guys?) and went to work, trying on a new perfume each day and jotting down some notes at the end of the trial-- to keep track of my opinion on the daily victim. Here's a countdown of my findings, from least favorite to the winner:
  1. Elizabeth & James - Nirvana Black
    ($25/ .34 oz. rollerball -- $73.53 per oz.)
    • Stinky sweet musk. Very masculine, but vanilla (or other sweet?) notes. Not a fan, and that's coming from a musk lover. 
  2. Stella McCartney - Stella ($22/.25 oz. rollerball -- $88 per oz.)
    • Smells equally floral and clean without being soapy, however it doesn't last long on my skin. Maybe. 
  3. Victor & Rolf - Flowerbomb ($29/ .33 oz. rollerball -- $87.88 per oz.)
    • Floral, definitely. Not sure if it quite qualifies as a "flowerbomb," but smells pretty. Like, but not a "love" for me.
  4. Tory Burch - Tory Burch 
    ($28/ .2 oz. rollerball -- $140 per oz.)
    • Really liked this one! Lasted all evening and could still smell it the next day. Heavy floral scent.
  5. Marc Jacobs - Daisy ($25/ .24 oz. rollerball -- $104.17 per oz.)
    • Classic floral. Pretty and feminine but lasting power is... meh. Wish it stayed on my skin longer. Love this scent.
  6. Prada - Candy Florale 
    ($27/ .34 oz. rollerball -- $79.41 per oz.)
    • Floraly, yes. But also kind of soapy at first smell? Not sure how I feel about this. Lasting power was pretty solid. Day 2 - Actually kind of like it!
  7. Chloe - Chloe ($28/ .2 oz. rollerball -- $140 per oz.)
    • Floral and pretty. Lasted all day and got compliments from Ben. Can be kinda "old" but maybe the correct term here is "mature"

In conclusion, I found a couple of things with this expiriment:
  • I ended up... not liking Daisy as much as I thought I was going to. It turns out, as sometimes is the case with perfumes, Daisy just didn't last on my skin. It still smells beautiful to me but for the price point, I just didn't see the benefits to redeeming my certificate for this scent. Womp womp.
  • I tended to like the more expensive scents! I was surprised by this, however since I don't typically splurge on perfumes I suppose I shouldn't be. Two of my top 3 scents were over $100 per ounce!
  • Spots #1 and #2 were a tie, however there was a huge price difference, so I went with what I did to get the best value out of this set. I think in the future I will probably consider purchasing Prada Candy Florale on its own. It was a truly impressive scent and I loved how feminine it made me feel.

Hope that helps! If you're interested in conducting this expiriment yourself, here's the link

Ferris disagreed with my list. His favorite was Tory Burch (still a good pick, bub!)

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