DIY liquid palisade (painter's tape for your NAILS.)

MAYDAY MAYDAY, I believe I have found the dupe of the century!

Okay, maybe it's not a dupe. Maybe I've been under a rock for too long and was too dissuaded by the $25 price tag to even think about dropping that much on a simple thing that my Scotch tape or Elmer's glue could do. But you guys... I feel like I've found the National Treasure of Nail Polish.

It's DIY Liquid Palisade.

Yes, this stuff that normally comes in a little tube with a tiny little brush. I'm sure you've seen it all over Pinterest as a way to save your cuticles from the inevitable mess of polish. The most important ingredient in it? Liquid Latex. (Sidenote: if you are allergic to latex, STAY. AWAY. DO. NOT. TRY THIS.)

So I found this tub of it on Amazon for $8 and went to town.

My results were amazing! The drying time was nothing at all compared to my previous Elmer's glue trick I favored, which had similar sheilding result but the initial application took a little while to dry. I was able to apply the liquid latex, paint the base coat of my gradient and then begin sponging the gradient on immediately.

One thing I noticed was that if I left the polish to dry on the barrier the liquid latex created, it would crack and not peel off as nicely than if I were to have done so when it was still a little wet.

Just some tips! If you want to watch me stumble through this DIY adventure, check out the video I made below.

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