an open letter to post-grads

Tis the season for graduates to count down their days until the grace period on their federal loans are up (6 months and counting, grads! The clock is ticking!). Amongst the hustle and bustle of *actually* graduating, there’s tons more to think about. Graduation dinners, writing thank you notes, and maybe even starting to look for that full-time job with “benefits” (whatever those are). I’m here to remind you that hey, it’s okay to have hobbies!

I used to think that once I got out of school, I would be so burned out from years of education that I would never want to learn a new thing again. Or at least not for a while. “I need a break” I would constantly grumble, between hasty assignments and procrastinated projects.

Lo and behold, my post-grad life is actually quite the opposite. I have time now (after my two part-time jobs) to pursue and learn things I never really had a chance to before. I have an internship refining a skill that I never thought would see the light of day, beyond my beauty blogging. I’ve learned so many different programs simply because I finally had TIME to put into what I wanted to, and not just what courses dictated.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you’ve just graduated… sure you’ll want to take things easy for a while. You deserve it. You deserve to binge watch TV series on Netflix for a couple days straight. You deserve to go out on a Wednesday because you don’t have a weekly quiz due at midnight that night. You deserve to “treat yoself” and get lunch with a classmate you haven’t seen in a while because of different schedules. You also, however, deserve to expand your knowledge. Learn new things, try what you thought you never would, and “carpe the f&*^! out of that diem.”

I know I have.

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