why coupon?

A lot of people I talk to don't understand why I coupon. They can't wrap their head around why I would bother to hunt for deals and shop mostly-clearance merchandise when I could just as easily settle for something more accessible, paid for by a certain percentage mark-up.

I don't know why I find it so hard to pay full-price for things. I suppose that's just who I've been raised to be. But I do know that I was also raised to be a caring and selfless person.

Most of the time, I shop at thrift stores not only because of the thrill, but because I know other people are going to benefit from my contributions and that makes me happy. Goodwill gives people jobs that normally would not be able to hold a steady position.

I'm not rich at all. Well off, perhaps, but even then my family can hardly be considered middle-class. Being raised as such, I was taught to give to others because "it could always be worse."

So this holiday season, I can only hope that my contribution to Toys for Tots makes some less fortunate little one happy. Had I not been a clearance hunter during the year, I probably wouldn't have had extra money in my budget to do so.

Please consider dropping off unused and unwrapped toys to a Toys for Tots drop off location this month! To find dropoff locations, click here

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  1. I'm such a deal hunter myself and I totally get it! There's such a thrill about finding something on clearance or saving $$$ by using a coupon or buying during a sale. I especially love using CVS Extra Cash and stocking up on expensive beauty products.