kashi chocolate soft-baked squares review

I received this free sample in the mail and decided to post a review on my opinions after promptly devouring it (what? I was hungry!).

The bar boasts that the "wholesome" square has a tasty surprise: the chocolatey treat contains not only sweet potato and agave, but black beans too. The square has 160 calories, but contains 17% of your daily recommended dietary fiber value! Along with this, it has 2 grams of protein and (thankfully) no trans-fats.

The square isn't overwhelmingly chocolatey, which is great for people like me who don't like too much chocolate... but it also isn't very sweet. At first bite, I thought it was too plain, but after finishing the square I found myself satisfied with the sweetness. Though it was a bit dry, I realized after finishing it that a tall glass of cold milk would've sealed the deal.

Great job, Kashi. I might just take you up on the $1.00 off coupon you slyly snuck into my free sample.

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