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It seems as though the older I get the worse my immune system gets! Already having a [mostly functional] disorder (IBS... if you aren't easily grossed out feel free to look it up) makes getting sick even worse, so this past weekend I wasn't too excited to find myself with a sore throat, alternating stuffy/runny nose, and annoying cough.

Despite the yucky germs, I have been entirely sucked into a new TV series. Once Upon a Time takes place in a tiny town (in Maine) called Storybrook where (almost) every character has a parallel role in a fairy tale book. The coincidental book parallel is discovered by a little boy, who makes it known frequently throughout the episodes. Now, I'm seldom a fan of fairy tales. Usually, fantasy series aren't for me. I mean, seriously... I think I'm one of the only girls that has seen each Disney princess movie maybe once each. Ordinarily I just have no interest in series of this genre. However, somewhere between yesterday and today I've watched 10 and a half episodes and fallen in love with this show. Though the character names are sometimes a bit too much of a giveaway (I mean really? Dr. Hopper? I wonder if that has any connection to Jiminy Cricket...) the plot is interesting enough to keep my 10-second attention span begging for more. And let's not even get me started on that handsome Prince Charming (good job casting that one, ABC).

Speaking of fantasy, we're FINALLY in October. Which means we're only 30 days away from Halloween! Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. I've already started picking up stuff for my costume. Can you guess who I'm dressing up as? Here's what I got:

Ulta was having a sale last week on all NYX products! 40% off everything. So I got some lip/eye stuff. I also picked up this wig from eBay.

So, any guesses? I'll keep you guys on the edge of your seats until I have everything sorted out. When I finish everything up, you bet there will be a nice little video surprise ;)

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