ombre (without a sponge!)

I wasn't planning on doing two blog posts in one day, but hey... if the shoe fits...

Anyway I saw this post and wanted to try it out immediately so I whipped out these two nail polishes and went to town. Closeups under the cut. This is a great look for fall! It reminds me of a grandpa sweater but much more wearable and versatile.

Cynthia by Zoya. I got this on sale for $6 minus another 20% at Ulta a few months ago, it's a perfect fall color.

805 Grey Matter by Rimmel London. I looooove this gray. It's so creamy & opaque. 

I also used Seche Clear for my clear polish and my e.l.f. professional eye liner brush to mix and paint the ombre effect.

I'm so excited this came out great on the first try! Good luck, guys :)


  1. Omgosh, this is so great! I get flustered with the sponge method, lol. Then again, I'm not a patient one!

    Mahalo for sharing this great tutorial. I'm going to try it tonight once the house settles down. :-)

    1. I do too! I don't know why, but it's just so intimidating (and messy... that's probably why. I haaaate messes!)

      Good luck :) Feel free to reply with what you come up with later, I'd love to see it!

  2. Can I just tell you how much I love your blog name :D ?