new bedroom "scheming"

I'll admit, I've become a Pinterest addict in the few months that I've had one. It's given me many great ideas and crafts to eat up my spare time. My latest interest has been interior design (the copious amounts of HGTV I watch probably aren't helping either).

Since I'm moving into a new place at the end of the week (I get my keys in 5 sleeps... AHHHH), I've been accumulating decor ideas for the new place.

Today I finally took one of my favorite quotes and designed a plan for my new bedroom wall... check it out!

Quote is from Just Married, which I watched all of 10 minutes of-- enough time to fall in love with this quote

The middle is designed to be printed out as an 11" x 14". Each blue box around it will be photos (probably of Dan and myself) of various sizes with a mat[te?] similar to that pale turquoise hue. Maybe grays, I haven't decided yet.

This is a photo I'm drawing inspiration from, in regards to my room's color scheme:


So, what do you guys think? Any ideas or input? Should I switch my major to interior design and do this for a living? (haha... joking)

Have a wonderful week!

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