fabric flip flops & "hacked" old navy maxi

Juliet and I are at it again! If you remember my last "crafty" post, you know that my DIY partner in crime Juliet is always up for a new adventure. So yesterday we ventured out to try to make these (seemingly easy) flip flops out of fabric and cheap Old Navy sandals!

First stop of the day: JoAnn fabrics to get some fabric for our flip flops! We each picked out two different prints from the sale rack and all together each of our transactions were under $5 (I ended up finding a coupon while Juliet checked out, which was only for 15% off but hey... it's something!)

The wall of sandals the day after $1 flip flop day. Talk about slim pickings!

Unfortunately this is the only "before" picture I have...
this face/pose really brings me back to the middle school years. Yikes.

We also stumbled upon this maxi dress while browsing the clearance section and had the brilliant idea of shortening it! Notice how the first layer's ruffles flop over the second layer? That'll come in handy later ;) 

1) Our shoes & fabrics all ready to go
2) Finding on a good way to thread/knot the fabric for optimal comfort and durability is hard work!
3) The knots kind of had a little notch to go into on these shoes... which was awesome :) The fabric should squish down once I wear them a few times.
4) All done! These will look so cute with my maroon dress. So light and summery ♥

AND NOW, the dress! We both ended up grabbing one for only $5.57 each. They were on clearance for $6.97, but I had a 20% off coupon from a facebook offer (for our whole bill!). As you can see, we just took scissors to the fabric right under the top ruffle and didn't worry about the seam because it was hidden anyway! This literally took me all of two minutes and now I have a dress (what I'm wearing) and enough fabric for a skirt in the same pretty pattern (what Juliet is wearing). Plus if you're shorter like me, you can take a nice chunk off the "skirt" portion and make it into a headband (I just took the strip and tied a bow at the top of my head). Super easy and very affordable! 

Have you done any crafts lately? I'd love to see them! Feel free to comment below or email them to me. Maybe I'll feature you here ;) 

Happy crafting & until next time,

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