makeup storage round two! (+ a little bit of story time)

A while ago I realized I needed to organize my makeup and nail polish because storing it in little bags and stuff was just not working anymore.

Well, if anyone recalls, I went to Target and spent $30 on plastic drawers and organizers that didn't work... and I eventually returned them

Fast forward a month and here I am, trying to shove everything under my sink but still wanting access to everything! So I go on this group on facebook thats like a craigslist for my school. See this:

Now, it was only $3, so it was quite a steal, but it wasn't exactly the color or amount of drawers I wanted. I contacted the seller and was about to meet them to pick it up... when it turns out someone picked it up off the curb already.

Oh well

Fast forward a few hours, and I'm helping Juliet paint her room


We get hungry and decide to go to Publix for food. On the way there, we pass a really nice entertainment center out by the road. We decide to get Mike's (her boyfriend, my boyfriends brother, my adopted big brother, etc) truck on the way back and if it's still there we'll stop.

So we go back (truck and all... including a side table we found at another curb) and not only is the entertainment center there, but a BRAND NEW (-ish, but there was really no wear at all) plastic 3 drawer set!

I decided to paint the inside of the drawer face with leftover paint from my walls, but I'm confident this will work out great. And for a price of, well, FREE... who could ask for anything better!?

Side note: MORE BLOG POSTS will be coming your way soon! The computer I normally blog on's keyboard crapped out, so I'm waiting for a replacement to come in the mail (which will most likely be tomorrow! Yay!) and I've been so busy. Almost done with my room, though! Which will get a blog post all of it's own.

Until next time,


  1. Hearing about you decorating these drawers makes me think of Pinterest and how they put scrapbook paper on EVERYTHING. It'd be cute to line the insides of the drawers with cutesy scrapbook paper though haha :)


    1. I'm thinking about it! I just know that my comforter's pattern is waaaay busy and i've been staying away from patterns because i don't want things to clash lol. I might do the rest of the inside with a pattern, though. the blue looks nice for now :)