finally finding a place to live

Helloooooo everyone!

These past few days (well, week or so now actually) have been crazy hectic for me and here's why! I'm officially moving out of student housing and I could not be any happier. I found a small duplex to share with a friend of mine on Friday after weeks of endless searching (both through craigslist and driving by places)

My sister shows us the place, complete with her hat from Steak & Shake
"Plans" for the living room that I drew out of boredom

When we toured it, I was so excited I forgot to take pictures, so we went back later to check up on it and make sure it was really what we wanted. After we took a trip to the flea market and got some food, of course.

But now here we are, about 5 days later and our applications were approved! My roommate is driving up to sign the lease with me, which will be around 1pm today.

Aside from that whole fiasco, I've been to Tijuana Flats (which was DELICIOUS) and Whole Foods (to get matcha to make my own green tea fraps)


My Independence Day was tame, but we did get this huge sub that honestly didn't take as much effort to devour as I thought it would!

And now I shall big blog-land adieu as I go shower and run off to get some money from the bank for that deposit ;)

Hope you're all having splendid weeks!

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