the tale of a thrifty thursday (and more exciting news!)

This morning I woke up with a strong urge to go shopping. Thrifting, to be specific. I rolled out of bed and ended up doing my makeup all pretty with my Nude'Tude pallette (seriously, I adore that pallette) and a little bit of brown gel liner.

For some reason, whenever I try to photograph my eye makeup, I end up taking a million and a half unsatisfactory pictures. So this is the best I could pull off, unfortunately.

Then I had the breakfast of a champion-- two chocolates and a duplex cookie! The wrapper from one of my chocolates said "have no limits today." Not a good 'fortune' for my shopping day. But don't worry, I gave myself a generous $20 limit.

My Goodwill! It's huge inside, so a bit intimidating, but well worth the combing. Inside, I started off at all the wrong racks and almost got discouraged. On my way out I scuffled sadly past some racks and decided to give it one last try before swearing off thrifting for good. 

That's when I found these gems (excuse my obnoxious faces)

I actually ended up getting the bottom left in both the blue stripes (it's striped, I promise) and in red stripes.

Overall, I got 5 shirts for less than $3 each. Which I think is a pretty good deal. Even if the bipolar Florida weather drenched me as soon as I walked out of Goodwill. It's an omen, I swear. Some big man upstairs is scolding me for shopping.

This is my outfit of the day, I guess. Dan took my camera when I went to my car and took pictures as I was walking back (braiding my hair to keep it from being so dang poofy). We went to Chili's to celebrate because he had an interview today and got a job at Kohls! :) I was so proud.

I'm pooped. What an eventful day! Hope everyone else had a nice day today :)

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