Silhouette Sunday: Print and Cut Planner Stickers WITHOUT registration mark margins!

This is the story of what started as a "can I pull off this out-there idea?" and turned into a thousand-likes Facebook post to one of the Silhouette groups I'm part of...

I made these awesome stickers just messing around with my Silhouette Pixscan mat and some of Gemma Correll's artwork (you can find her stuff here-- she also sells *actual* stickers) and posted the idea to a Silhouette Facebook group-- then immediately got tons of requests for a tutorial. So, being the "tech teacher" I am, I wanted everyone to get in on this amazingness and made a video!

I'm admittedly more of a video-savvy explainer anyway, so if you want to watch this process, start-to-finish, watch the little YouTube embed below:

If you're looking for a download of the Emoji sticker sheet I'm using in the video, follow this link to the Dropbox zip file. It contains not only the sticker sheet image, but also the "blackout" cut image you can trace in Silhouette Studio to get easy cut lines.

Have fun and keep crafting!

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