favorite tips and tricks from All Things Silhouette Conference 2016!

Being a professional graphic and web designer, there's not a whole lot I'm unfamiliar with (or afraid of) when it comes to computers. I realize I'm probably in the minority by saying this but I. Love. Technology. However, I didn't love the Silhouette Software as much as I do now.

Last weekend I went to my first ever craft conference and I am BACK and ready to drop some knowledge on you guys! (I also met my Silhouette idol, Melissa from Silhouette School, but whateveritsfinewhocaresAHHHHH!!!!!)

The classes at All Things Silhouette weren't limited to Silhouette Studio, thankfully! There were many sessions (usually about an hour and 15 minutes long) on equipment, graphic design theory, vinyl application, and so much more. I really found myself wishing I was Hermione with her handy time turner.

For the classes I did take, here are my favorite tips I learned (if you don't pick up something new from this post, I will be genuinely surprised):

How to Become a Heat Press Master

  • Siser Easyweed has a 1 second tack! Press the HTV for 1 second, peel the carrier, and continue to layer vinyl. This keeps the material being pressed from losing moisture and shrinking, causing wonkiness in offset designs
  • Warm weeding (MY NEW FAVORITE THING): press lower area by closing the press for a few seconds, lay Easyweed on lower platen, pull away excess like butta (said with a Southern accent). This method is easier and safer to do with a swing-away press, but can be done with any style as long as you're careful.

Cut by fill color is AMAZING!
Silhouette Studio: Designer Tips, Tricks and Techniques

  • Command + arrow (Mac) or Control + arrow (PC) will duplicate any selection to the immediate left/right/top/bottom of the initial selection. 
  • In the replicate window, select something and click "Fill Page." Prepare to have your mind blown (I audibly gasped when I did this in class accidentally).

Cutting for Business

  • The word "quatrefoil" is trademarked (so are MANY other things. Case in point: look up anything remotely possible before listing on etsy)
  • You can register for a US Copyright for as little as $35! Trademarks are pricier and average around $1400 for the simple stuff.

Cut settings window:
Thickness and Line Segment Overcut!
Learn to Layer Vinyl the Fail Proof Way

  • Cutting by fill color is an amazing tool and completely built into Silhouette Studio (even the basic edition. I'm still on that one, don't worry folks)

Curly Fonts and Cocktails

  • Bottles of wine are good. Boxes of wine are even better. 
  • (I already knew what was taught in this class, but had a great time anyway!)

When Good Cuts Go Bad

  • For thickness in the cut settings window, the higher the number, the more downward force on the blade! Sharp corner curling and folding? Your thickness is likely too high.
  • Line segment overcut will save your papercrafting butt when it comes to sharp corners. Just turn it on and see.

Growing Your Silhouette Business Through Social Media

  • 71% of adults using the internet use Facebook (that was a hard pill to swallow)
  • Pinterest is composed of mostly female users, with 60% of them being mothers. Got baby stuff? Go post to Pinterest.
And as an added bonus, I did some vlogging while in Peachtree City for the conference!

See ya next time!


  1. Conferences are always good and healthy I like to attend them.Your post actually reminded me of last conference which i attended with my friends and it was complete fun.

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