silhouette sunday: floating frame art

Last June, I closed on my first home.

I was eager to start my new life in an inspiring space with little limitations (there is an HOA around here pretty much anywhere you go). Since closing day, I planned and bought and decorated and DIY'd the living room, the kitchen, the office... and in turn, ignored the master bedroom.

I am pleased to announce that I have finally started to think about that poor, dull room!

A few days ago, I dutifully repurposed a large framed art the previous owners left in the bathroom into a gorgeous New York City skyline piece. It's amazing what a little "oops paint" from Home Depot and an engineer print from Staples can do.

Even with the framed photo taking up almost half the width of the wall, the surrounding space looked too bare. Sure, the art balanced out the space above our new headboard (thanks, Wayfair!) but it needed just a liiiittle something more...

The printer whirred to life as my new wall art was spat out, but when I cut the pages and put them in the frames, I hated the way the white on white looked.

I booted up my Silhouette Cameo and cut out the same design I had just printed on black vinyl. Using the printed pages as a guide, I then transferred the decal onto the glass of the IKEA Ribba frame and popped it back in.

For good measure (and durability, even though these are going on the wall and likely never coming off), I used a hot glue gun along the inside seam to keep the glass in place. Just a quick line around the perimeter and I was done!

Simple, adorable wall art from a $5 frame. These could be even cheaper if you have frames already, or if you find some at a thrift store/yard sale.

As always, some tips:

  • Like I mentioned before, people practically give photo frames away at yard or garage sales-- look there for the best value! The mismatched look is also very ~chic, if you ask me ;)
  • If you're not keen on using hot glue, or doing this with a smaller crafter, using regular Elmer's glue along the edge of the frame and then placing the glass on that and letting it dry can also work! I'm impatient, so hot glue is a savior for me.
  • A cute variant might be putting the vinyl decal on the inside of the glass (remember to mirror your design before sending it through) and using the frame as a "whiteboard." Options include: "I love you because _____," "Today I'm thankful for _____," and even "On today's agenda..."  

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