silhouette sunday: custom planner stickers

I have always been the type to plan.

I've been (unknowingly) bullet journaling since high school, making lists with special "codes" for to-dos and tasks. I recently got a Moleskine notebook to continue this good habit of planning and soon came to realize that there aren't many stickers out there that fit the weekly spreads that I was using.

Admittedly, I flip flop back and forth with spread layouts, so I needed something a little less concrete for my planning style. That's when I realized-- Silhouette has a print and cut function.

I took to Illustrator and made some designs. I used mostly my imagination, but some other resources to find and design the stickers I wanted in my planner.

For my planner, I knew some elements I would want to take up a certain amount of "grid squares" so I measured the squares and designed around that measurement. My "Twinklefarts To-do" sticker is 7 squares by 11 squares exactly.

Overall-- have some fun! This project requires quite a bit of trial and error, but using my Silhouette I have some super custom (and pretty, if I do say so myself) stickers for my planner.

Here are some helpful tips if you want to create your own planner stickers using a print and cut file:

  • Give the design a "bleed" area, just a little past where you will have your cut line. This makes sure that the design goes all the way to the cut line and looks like a real sticker would!
  • Use design resources like Vecteezy (free) or The Hungry Jpeg (paid, but soooo worth it!) for sticker ideas. My floral stickers came from a bundle that I bought from The Hungry Jpeg, among many other things.
  • Print your design on plain paper first! Make sure the elements are the size you want and look right first, then use sticker paper. 
  • Be careful to look for sticker sheets with one solid backing. Mine actually has some slits in it (since the original purpose is probably for full-sheet designs) and my sticker paper backing is sliced diagonally through the backing. Not a big deal, since I have it taped to the back page of my Moleskine, but it could potentially not be ideal if you're handling the sheet itself a lot.

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