Tech Tuesday: Deliciously Popular Mobile News

Hello everyone! It's been a long while since I've written a Tech Tuesday post, mostly because tech has become kind of dormant lately and holding out for the fall months. This post has a BUNCH in store, so keep reading to find out the latest scoop.

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New iPhone gets September 10th release

Everyone who follows the iLegacy has become well aware that Apple likes to release their new phones in the fall. For this reason, many people hold out on buying new iOS devices. This year's iPhone release is in one week! Next Tech Tuesday we will have a definite idea of what's in store, but for now... we don't have much of an idea. There have been video rumors of new aesthetic designs, but not much spec updates.

Android next OS: Kit Kat?

Android is the king of drool-worthy names. Froyo, Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie! Or so we thought. But wait, what's this? Android SVP, Sundar Pichai tweeted earlier today a photo of a newly build Android statue... in the shape of Kit Kats? Many speculated this new iteration of Android would be named after the green tangy dessert, or possibly a glazed donut (Krispy Kreme) but the company went a different route. Promotional campaigns are still to follow, but this is an exciting confirmation to say the least.

Nexus 4 drops 25% in price, sells out of 8gb version

Not too long ago, the Google Play store re-introduced the Nexus 4... for 25% cheaper than originally sold. The two versions of the phone, 8GB and 16GB dropped in price dramatically and the informed crowds rushed to order. Shortly thereafter, the lowest priced version (coming in at a mere $200 unlocked) sold out. Rumor is, there will be no restocks. Does this mean a new Nexus phone is on the horizon?

Microsoft buys Nokia for ~$7 billion

Nokia is no longer the indestructible brick of a handset it once was. Long gone are the days where one could entertain themselves with Snake and a monochrome screen. But does that mean that Nokia was failing as a business? In a memo, according to Reuters, the Canadian boss of the company stated "Nokia lacked the in-house technology and needed to jump off a 'burning platform'." Will this purchase be the right thing for Nokia, or will Microsoft drive it into the ground like it has been doing with their own kin? It seems as though only time will tell.

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