Holiday Wishlist!

Helloooooo blogosphere! It's been a while since my last blog. Things have been slow and crazy for my lately (yes, at the same time. Can you believe that?!) so I thought something like this would be a good way to ease myself back into bloggin'.

A family member asked me today what I wanted for the holidays and I drew a complete blank. Since my birthday is in February, I thought it might be smart to compose a list of things that I would love to receive  even if it's just to give an idea :)

♥ Holiday Wishlist ♥

This comes with a buuuunch of really pretty eyeshadow colors, a 24/7 eyeliner in an intense black and a primer! I'd love to experiment with UD makeup, as I've heard great things but never tried it.

Lorac 3d Liquid Lustre in Diamond ($16)
One of my favorite makeup Youtubers uses this (xSparkage) and every time she does, I find myself wanting it more and more! I tried it in Ulta and it is just as much amazing in person as it is on camera. You can add it to anything. Sparkly eyes, lips, and cheeks are all possible with this.

DKNY Be Delicious perfume ($45)
I had this perfume before and it remains my favorite scent, but unfortunately my previous bottle was used down to its last drop! A bit pricey, but definitely worth it for me. If I don't receive this, I'll definitely be repurchasing soon.

Cross bracelet (around $10)
These bracelets are very stylish but also have deeper meaning (to me at least). I don't wear necklaces often but I'm always wearing a bracelet, and this just seems like a more sensible way for me to show my appreciation for my religion. (Etsy has tooooons of these kinds of bracelets!)

Skull bracelet in Silver (around $7.50)
This is such a ripoff of Alexander McQueen's bracelet but I love the idea! I've always loved designs that included skulls, and this bracelet really makes a statement with two on each end of the bangle. Simple, but chic.

Camera strap (anywhere from $20-$40)
My camera strap is getting dingy and I've always wanted a cute decorative one! This damask print is one of my favorite patterns ever (second only to the wonderful houndstooth ♥). Idea 1 | Idea 2

Anything cat related
Let's be real here. I'm totally a crazy cat lady. If I could, I would have a million cats right now. However, my landlord and allergies both agree that not having a precious little purr-machine is not in my best interest. Until then, I will settle for any and all things cat related. Dress is from here!

Sharpie pens ($5-$10, usually)
One of my favorite pens in the marker-pen category. Aside from these, I like colorful pens that I can doodle and draw with, such as Pilot G2 pens.

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  1. Hey can get that skull bracelet from like, a billion places on eBay for 99 cents from China, free shipping :)

    My friend Ria also has some cat stuff in her store you might like. Filthy Magic :)