tech tuesday - the affordable ereader & disappointing android

Hey guys! Welcome back for round two (of many, hopefully) of Tech Tuesday!

Today we have the astonishing under $15 eReader and Galaxy S3 mini to talk about. Want to read more? Click the handy little link then! Whatcha waitin for?

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This is a txtr beagle. This device is a no-frills, bring-with-you-everywhere eReader. It runs on two miniscule AAA batteries and claims to have the battery life of one whole year. However, they really mean 12-15 books. So really, a year is subjective, but for the rumored cost of the device + however much it is to buy 2 rechargable AAA's... you're not exactly breaking the bank. The screen is a 5 inch eInk display, and the device comes in a multitude of colors. It boasts "no cables" because it really does have no cables at all. To sync media to the device, you use your own smartphone.

I think if this turns out to be true, it will be a great improvement for the classroom and individuals looking to make the eReader leap, but aren't entirely sure if it's for them.

Photo © CNET
Meet the Galaxy SIII Mini. Upon first glance, this seemed like a really great investment! I've been toying with the idea of a Galaxy S3, but I'm not too keen on phones with screens bigger than my back pocket. The Mini seemed like a great middle ground... until I read the specs. I was completely disappointed. The front facing camera lacks the quality that it's big brother has, as well as processing power and storage. It seems like the only step up from my year old Atrix would be the updated Android Jelly Bean interface.

favorite new app this week: Note Everything

I've been running around like a lunatic lately, getting things ready for Halloween and juggling school and work. It really helps to have somewhere intuitive to write down all my thoughts and ideas! I have a notepad for video ideas, one for homework, and one for groceries. And I'm just getting started! I'm petitioning to rename this the Handy Dandy Notebook app, because that's really what it seems like.

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