skinny pumpkin spice fraps - the DIY way!

Like it or not, fall is here. And everyone knows that fall means PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Well, for me at least...

So after a crazy weekend of studying for a Javascript midterm (which I totally made my you-know-what) I decided to treat myself to hibachi takeout and Pinteresting drinks with my girl Jewy~

Photo © Peanut Butter and Peppers
We decided to make these suckers and MAN were they good. We ended up adding a bit of almond milk afterwards because our drinks were a little thicker than we wanted. Otherwise, we added more pumpkin (since we're both pumpkin crazy) but that was it! The recipe was really spot-on and deeeeeelicious.


I thought it was funny how we somehow both did the same pose without realizing it. I've never really been the type of person to drink coffee willingly but how could you say no to something that tastes so magical?! And you have to check out this hunk of frozen coffee:

Have you tried any pinteresting ideas lately? Fall drink recommendations anyone? Let me know :) Tomorrow's the first ever Tech Tuesday and I am so excited to share my favorite tech findings lately with you all.

Stay cool guys and gals ;) 


  1. My hubby loves my pinterest addiction, i've made countless goodies that i've pinned! I guess i'll have to try this as well! I love pumpkin anything! =)

  2. I am sooo trying that! And woah, frozen coffee ball.