what's so great about an iPhone?

Countless times over the past few years I have gotten criticism for not adopting the iPhone fanatic lifestyle. "Gina, you should get an iPhone!" or "Why don't you have an iPhone?" are the most common. Personal reasons aside, I'll tell you why I don't have an iPhone: I already have the features.

That's right. My year old Motorola Atrix can do most, if not all, of the features boasted about on the iPhone 4s' website.

Let's compare, shall we?

  • Siri: this little lady lives inside the iPhone and somehow knows everything. On an Android, you can use Vlingo for this. It may not be as extensive as Siri, but let's face it... do you really want to be like Zooey Deschanel and ask about the weather while looking out the window?
  • iSight camera/1080p HD: the iPhone boasts an 8mp camera with 1080p video recording capabilities. While my phone in particular doesn't match up to these standards (though I find 5mp and 720p to be just fine, thank you) there are plenty of other phones on the Android market that have much more than that.
  • iOS: there are a few "new features" in this category, here are my favorite
    • Notification center: I thought this was a joke when I first caught wind of it, but it sure isn't. This is something Android phones have had for a  long time. And it's built-in, so no worries about having to meddle with extra features
    • Twitter integration: want to share a picture in your gallery with Twitter? On Android, you simply  press menu>Share>Twitter when you're viewing a photo in your gallery. 
    • Reminders: On Android, you can set up your reminders through Google calendar and have your whole to-do list on the go and on your desktop.
  • iCloud: the iCloud for Apple devices is basically a workaround of letting you use your own storage options. For most Android devices, you can switch out microSD cards as you please or even connect your phone to Dropbox. With the Dropbox app, you can manually upload photos and videos or set your memories to upload automatically over wi-fi. In addition, you can upload almost anything manually to your Dropbox account via the Android "share" option.
  • Facetime: If you have Android, Google Talk should come pre-loaded into your phone. I kid you not, it is literally the same exact thing


  1. I like my iPhone because I use a Mac and I use the iCal app on my computer for everything and then through iCloud it pushes all of that information straight to my phone without me having to connect it to my computer. I agree, many of the smartphones of other brands definitely measure up, but I think it's all about user preference.

    I find the iOS operating system to be more simple, I always get so lost using my dad's HTC. Maybe it's because there isn't a home button, but anyway, lovely comparison post :)

    1. Yes, definitely! It all boils down to user preference. I guess I started this out as a post trying to show that other phones are just as good but ended up a little more hostile lol. Sorry if it seemed that way!

  2. I agree. I don't see what all the hype is about. Other then Siri androids have basically had all these "New Features" Iphone is just getting.