instagram roundup: photo-a-day challenges

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was participating in not one but TWO photo-a-day challenges on Instagram.

If you're unfamiliar with these, it's basically a fun activity where a bunch of users (all around the world!) on instagram participate by sharing their view on the daily prompt. Some prompts are open ended (like "Bright") and some are more straightforward (like "in your mailbox") but all of the prompts are easy to play along with and help get some creativity juices going!

Here are mine from this week...

 September Loves (Beauty Photo-a-Day)

1. My makeup stash - All the goodies I've accumulated lately. Makeup is a form of artistic expression!

2. Perfume of the day - my Heavenly by VS roll-on that I keep in my purse does, in fact, smell heavenly.

3. Favorite foundation - I recently ditched this because I hated it. Talk about flip-flopping. Sorry guys.

3. Favorite mascara - I can vouch for these, though! The top mascara is perfect for my tiny little bottom lashes.

4. Most worn shoes - Lately, my Keds have been on my feet 24/7. They're comfy & practical. And the neutral shade goes with just about anything.

6. Morning face routine - Same with my nightly routine, I wash with MB Acne Facial Cleanser and tone with witch hazel.

7. Favorite nude lipstick - I featured both my Avon Ultra Color Rich in Sheer Naturale and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Just Enough Buff

Photo-a-Day September (Fat Mum Slim challenge)

1. You, Now - When I was back home, after a grocery trip with my mom

2. Father - my dad checking on my car before heading back to Orlando

3. Far Away - My 'far away' trip... that is far away too, in terms of time.

4. In my mailbox - e.l.f. sent me a replacement palette since the one I ordered was destroyed in the mail!

5. Bright - It was so bright outside I literally had a headache from just walking to my car.

6. Every day - apps I've been using every day to get healthier & my daily Chobani.

7. Natural - my 'natural' face: no filters, makeup or real clothes [yet]

That was my week! Are you doing any of these challenges? Let me know! Also, feel free to follow me on instagram @ginarooose and I'll most likely follow you back :)

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