"a photographer is only as good as their model"

Many people are from many different walks of life. You may come in contact with a comedian, a dancer, a painter, a street performer, a photographer and a bibliophile all in one day. I've almost always noticed that the most passionate hobbyists are the ones that are quiet and timid in their practice. You'll see them marking footwork for a dance routine quietly while standing in line, cracking jokes to themselves or shyly fiddling with camera settings in the background of the chaos around you.

I guess you could call me one of those people.

I've never been too vocal of a photographer. Hardly ever do I advertise that I run my own freelance photography business.

But I do.

And it's awesome.

There have been ups and downs along the way, don't get me wrong, but I get to do what I love for people that are just so unique and different it's hard not to fall in love with almost every shot I take.

A friend recently expressed to me interest in having some headshots taken for a modeling portfolio. So we spent a few days shootin' frames and takin' names... and here's what came of it.


If you want to view the whole gallery, be sure to click here and like my photography business' page on facebook (there is an album for all the photos on there!)

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