hurricane? what hurricane?

This morning I was having an especially hard time getting out of bed. I had no idea why my lids were so heavy and I kept falling back asleep... until I looked out the window! It's been absolutely terrible-looking out today and sometime around noon I finally figured out it was because of some tropical storm brewing in the ocean! Her name is Debby and it looks like she'll be heading for Florida now instead of Texas (as I was told originally... thanks, Dan.)

According to, she is the earliest-in-season 4th named Atlantic storm since Dennis took that title back in 2005 (he came the day after Independence day, though, so a little later).

I've been napping on and off all day (after staying up until 2am last night trying to figure out Blogger's weird version of html and coding this layout) and watching tv (which I never do). I Love Lucy and Criminal Minds have been my programs of choice today.

Hope everyone's having a snuggly Sunday. I think I'm going to get my read on. What are your favorite rainy day activities? Let me know in the comments :) 

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